Travel Packing Visual Aid

I’m a cruise junkie but I am learning that when I pack, I either pack too much stuff or miss bringing something I really needed. So what I do is a visual travel packing guide. I used Publisher, which is a fairly easy to use document creation/graphics program. Using something like Word is harder (a lot) to use but it could be done. I didn’t include things like underwear, it’s easy enough to look at the images and account for how many pairs of what you need. Don’t forget guys, pack dark socks for formal wear and ladies don’t forget your evening shoes! Nothing worse than trying to sneak into the dining room in your ball gown and flip flops.

I start by taking snapshots of all my cruise clothes or find the clothes on the store websites and copy the images. I decide what I want to wear every day and every evening. Because our next cruise is a 7 day Alaskan one, I plan for cold weather and warm weather.

Here is the first page. Cold weather day wardrobe.

Cruise Wear 2019 LANDSCAPE cold wardrobe

And the warm weather day wardrobe. It doesn’t vary an awful lot except substituting light crinkle cotton tops, capris and no jackets.

Cruise Wear 2019 LANDSCAPE warm wardrobe

As for evening, I counted on there being two formal nights (yay!). I had a snapshot of one formal jacket but the other one is currently being made for me so I just included a shot of the fuchsia fabric.

Cruise Wear 2019 LANDSCAPE dinner

To tie it all up, I created a page with everything on it, for packing. I included scarves, purses, shoes, jackets, sweaters, jewelery, umbrella, and hats. Once I see it all together I can see what tops I can wear with other things, sometimes eliminating a second top. Or do I really need 8 pairs of pants for a 7 day cruise? Probably yes, since some are for warm days and some for cool ones. Or as in this case, after looking at everything I decided to add something, a Pashmina to help with chilly venues likes movies under the stars.

Cruise Wear 2019 LANDSCAPE

Not only does this work for me, it gets me really excited about the trip! I love planning for travel, don’t you? I hope this helps you with your packing.

Happy Trails!

in Hawaii