A 3-Day Painting


I redecorated my livingroom when I put up the Christmas tree. I went from red and white to earthy tones.  

The new colour scheme for my living room


In one corner I had a painting I had done, but it was all wrong for this space now. It was in bright red, green and purple. It really clashed with the room! But what to do?

I bought a stretched canvas, which came with a frame and some tubes of acrylic paints in the new room colours and set to work. I can paint pretty well, and I knew what style I wanted, but a design just wasn’t coming to me. So I cheated. I went to art sites and browsed by colour. Then I’d digitally cut out the bits I liked from each one.

Pieces I liked of other paintings


Then I assembled them into a pleasing design emphasizing what I wanted. I had in mind leaves and autumn for this picture, which would go with the new room colours.

Rearrange bits of paintings into a design
But it was too disjointed so I added some structural elements. Thick white lines separating each section.

By adding white lines and a black border, I separated the different elements creating unity.

Then the easy part, I painted it! Of course, it didn’t turn out exactly like my prototype, but I liked that. It was how I made it mine. It was my “interpretation” of these paintings. I used brighter colours, and played more with shapes and line.


And in three days, this is what I had.



I call it Dancing Leaves.



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