A Nude Photo


"I said GOOD DAY, Sir!"






 Okay, so I was four. But I was nude.

Over the years the experiences I’ve had have coated me with a kind of candy coating, colourful and hard but with a soft gooey heart.

I am many things, but a writer is a big part of who I am. I published my first “book” at age 6. My dad would make me little books of stapled paper and I’d draw stories in them and then had the cheekiness to go door-to-door in our neighborhood selling them.  I had come from a long line of writers including Tennessee Williams (Streetcar Named Desire) and Louisa May Alcott (Little Women). Compared to Tennessee Williams, nothing I did was considered odd. Compared to Louisa, I was a fruitbat. 

I worked at just about everything at one time or another.  It was the experience of being a such and such that appealed to me, not the work itself.  Jobs would come and go, but throughout my life, I’ve written. I’ve had short stories published, have won international writing contests, have had two non-fiction books published. I live my life in black and white and writing brings the colour

When not writing I took other jobs. Here is an abbreviated list of them.

  1. Author, famous on all of Hunter Drive (age 6)
  2. Selling home-made “loop” pot holders door-to-door (age 9)
  3. Winemaker in a home wine-making shop
  4. Retail Window Decorator
  5. Waitress in a 5 & 10 cent store’s coffee shop (weggies, frilly apron, hair net. Telling people to “Eat my grits!” Yeah, glamour!)
  6. Assistant in a PR firm
  7. Stamping printing on lids of frozen ravioli dinners
  8. Rod “Man” on a surveying crew
  9. Assembling dinosaur bones in a laboratory
  10. Telemarketer (Sorry about that.)
  11. Clerk in a funeral home
  12. Mapping strata inside of a coal mine
  13. Exploration Technologist for an oil company working in geophysics
  14. Using space imagery to map the terrain deep inside African jungles (I once mapped a landform that turned out to be a herd of elephants)
  15. Iceberg tracker
  16. Mapping fault lines in desert regions to find underground water
  17. Performer in an Old West Gunfight Troupe in the Rockies
  18. Vote counter at the Democratic National Convention
  19. Newspaper Reporter
  20. Drama critic for a newspaper
  21. Newsroom Assistant for an NBC TV station (photo below)
  22. Talent Scout at the Renaissance Faire
  23. UFO watcher for a university study
  24. Parachute club photographer (lasted one terrifying hour)
  25. Interior Decorator
  26. Hazardous Materials Surface Water Sampling Tech in a nuclear weapons facility
  27. Worked at a Natural Gas Refinery
  28. Extra in movies and television
  29. Drill rig geologist for a coal mine in Wyoming (photo below)
  30. Art school model (photo below)
  31. Researcher for a television show pilot
  32. Managed e-mail marketing campaigns
  33. Award-winning short-story writer
  34. Celebrity wrangler for a TV Entertainment Reporter
  35. Hot-air balloon ground crew

How many people do you know who have resumes with chapters? I’ve always preferred an adventure to a career and I’m not a bit sorry about it. Anyone can have a career. I had a lifetime’s worth of adventures!



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