New Year’s Craft Project For Cat Lovers

Great Gift

Two years ago I was gifted with what I came to realize is the best calendar going, Workman’s Page-A-Day Calendar.   Mine are cats because around here cats rule all, but they have dogs, jokes, golf tips, 1,000 places to see before you die calendars in case you’re not a cat person (Gasp!). These calendars are large (6×6) photos of cats printed on heavy stock which you pull out every day and move to the back of the lucite display case. Then half-way through the year, you turn the pages over to see the rest of  the year on the back of each page. Unlike some calendar where you tear the pages off, you don’t end up with lots of paper cluttering up your kitchen.

Page-A-Day Calendar


Reuse the Old Year

The green anthem is “Recycle-Reuse-Renew” and that’s what I do with my previous year’s calendar. After the New Year, I take pleasure in going through the previous year’s pictures and choosing my favorites.

Then I cut the dates off the top of the photos. I like to think of it as cutting away all the bad things that happened in the previous year so I can go on with just the happy things. 🙂 These I keep in their lucite stand until I’m ready to put them up on my magnet board. 

Then all year long, while I’m enjoying my current year’s Page-A-Day Calendar, I can enjoy the photos of last year in ever-changing displays. I use a magnetic board, but you can also use a cork board. Something that’s easy to change out is best. That way there is always something nice to look at there.

Thanks  for the calendar, Li’l Bro! As you can see, I’m making great use of it!

This time, I'm displaying grey cats


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