Why My Husband Bakes

All dressed up with magic sparkle star candles and frosting in a can!




7 thoughts on “Why My Husband Bakes

  1. And my thought is that you have a gift for making us laugh at the everyday – the things many of us get up to, but don’t confess to doing!


  2. HAHA, great blog post! Wish I read this before eating the cake! It was DELICIOUS!!!! I definitely enjoyed it more than the store bought one :0)

  3. We just had it and it was a rousing success! Some people even preferred it to a really fancy store-bought cake that someone liked so much they had it at their wedding.

  4. AHH! So that was the mysterious rock like substance that I had to chisel off of the spoon and out of the bottom of one of the measuring cups I found in a strangely silent kitchen.

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