It’s In The Bag

To the woman this purse is…


  • A Coach Bag!
  • Extravagance
  • Luxury
  • Status
  • Soft
  • Supple
  • A Dream
  • Classic
  • A goal
  • The delicate shade between blue-green aqua and greenish-blue aqua, almost a Tiffany aqua
  • Functional
  • Hand made
  • A place to find her keys easily
  • A pouch for her two or three lipsticks
  • A place for her cellphone
  • Finished to a satiny glow
  • Large enough for a novel
  • and sunglasses
  • and tons of receipts
  • and grocery lists
  • and tissues
  • and breath mints
  • and gym passes
  • and a bottle of water
  • and her wallet
  • and an e-reader
  • an address book
  • a small street map
  • and a passport
  • and stubby IKEA pencils that end up in there somehow
  • and dry cleaner pick up receipts
  • and fuzzy Rolaids
  • and pink paper clips. They always seem to be pink.
  • and stamps
  • and aspirin
  • and her credit cards
  • An essential tool in her life without which she’d be unable to function
  • Part of the spring collection
  • A piece of the proverbial pie
  • The envy of her friends
  • A work of art on her arm

 To the man it is…

  • Too expensive
  • And couldn’t you just use a tote bag or something?

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