Egyptian-Themed Media Room

When our daughter moved out, I turned her room into an Egyptian-themed TV/Guest room. Here are the details of where I found the items we used in this room decoration.



As you can see, the room was something of a mess. We had a stack of home-made plywood drawers which held video tapes. The carpet was stained and had seen better days. We have our sauna in this room and it was going to stay. The ceiling fan’s lights were brutally bright and provided terrible lighting for the room. It was your basic hodge-podge room where you stuck things you didn’t know what else to do with and it showed. We were planning on redecorating when our daughter moved in while she attended college. When she moved out, it was time to renovate! I’m only sorry it looked so sad when she lived in it.

Benjamin Moore

As an Interior Decorator, this is the only paint brand I recommend. I used their Aura (top of the line) latex paint in “Jack O’Lantern” on the walls. It took two coats with nary a drip. Their paint is thick, washable, high quality which will last a lot longer than cheaper paints. It makes it almost fun to paint.

Home Depot

My husband tore up the carpeting and put down cork floors. Cork is warm underfoot, easy to maintain, environmentally renewable and 100% natural. These were click-together slats that float without using toxic glues to stick it down like vinyl floors use. You can even take the floors up and move them to a different room, or take them with you when you move, a nice feature for renters.

Cork flooring “Burnished Straw”, Home Depot.

We replaced the old Victorian-style ceiling fan (see in Before pictures above) with a style more in keeping with the exotic decor. This is a lovely, quiet fan that moves a lot of air.

Hampton Bay “Palm Beach Guilded Iron Fan”, Home Depot

The Border Store

When I found these, I knew I had to have them. It was a challenge dealing with these vendors because they wouldn’t take my Canadian credit card, but the effort was worth it for the dramatic effect these wallpaper panels have. Besides, nothing says, “Come in, relax, enjoy your stay” like a pair of Egyptian Gods of the dead.

Horus wallpaper figure, The Border Store

Osiris wallpaper figure. 15″ x 5′, The Border Store

Design Toscano

Design Toscano was my go-to source for all things Egyptian. I wish I could have gotten larger pieces of furniture they offer but the cost of shipping these to Canada was prohibitive for my budget.

Golden pediment copied from a Temple of Isis. Design Toscano

Horus Egyptian Wall Plaque, Design Toscano

Plaque from Design Toscano showing a Pharoah and his Queen barging on the Nile.


As seen in the photo above, I painted an existing sunburst mirror that we had with a hammered bronze spray paint from Home Depot. I liked the look so much that I used it on all the wooden plug plates and light switch plates around the room. When done properly, the effect is of a hammered metal. I bought a gold paint pen from an art supply store and picked out details on the floor lamp in gold. The small table between the chairs in a mosaic of small tiles. I painted the wooden parts of this table with the hammered bronze paint as well.

Mosaic tile tables were common in Egypt so this 1950’s Danish modern piece would suit.

I discovered the piece of artwork below on a cover of House of Dreams by Pauline Gedge. Her novels about Egypt have inspired me to create this space for ancient Egypt in my home.


Another source for Egyptian-themed items was This Egyptian art pillow came from there.

You can order all kinds of themed images put on pillows at Zazzle.

Vision Bedding

The Egyptian blanket came from Vision Bedding They offer many images to choose from and will print them on blankets, duvets, comforters, baby bedding, pillows, towels, curtains, wall-art, murals…etc. This is such a soft and cozy blanket that we all want to use it when we watch a movie. It might be time for another one.

This wonderfully soft blanket has a map of ancient Egypt on it as well as images and even a key that shows what hieroglyphics correspond to letters so you can translate some of the art around the room.

The Museum Store

My source for the Egyptian figurines was mostly The Museum Store These are a real step up from the kinds of figurines you find in new age shops.

Curio cabinet filled with Egyptian goodies. Cabinet is from IKEA.

You can see the difference between the Museum Store figurines and the one from a new age shop (the seated King Tut). The Museum store figures are: on the left Hathor and on the right Horus.

Golden winged Isis statue 14″ high, The Museum Store

King Tut, The Museum Store.

Eye of Horus box, The Museum Store.

This is a faux Egyptian bit of art painted on papyrus. I found it an a new age shop.

A touch of whimsy

I included a bit of Egyptian-themed whimsy in the room. One of my favourite authors is Sir Terry Pratchett. In his book Pyramids, one of characters was a camel who assumed his name was “You Bastard’ because that’s what people frequently shouted at him. You Bastard was a mathematical genius who spent his time doing advanced mathematics while he chewed his cud and spat. We paid tribute to the character and the author with a figure we found, of all places, in a kitchen store.

Here is You Bastard and the novel from whence he came. I highly recommend it.

King Tut Kleenex dispenser, Design Toscano


Self-inflating air bed Hammacher Schlemmer, Egyptian bedding Sears (a long time ago)

My son says this room is “like a hotel”. He means fancy.


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