Eight Small Town Surprises

Living in a small town, I am constantly surprised by the friendliness, trust and respect I see in everyone I meet. Here are eight small town differences I’ve discovered so far:

1. The drug store delivers if you aren’t feeling well.
2. So does the grocery store.
3. A shop keeper was trying to get me to try a new product, so he gave it to me to take home and told me I could call him next week and arrange for payment, if I like it.
4. Little girls can have lemonaid stands along the “highway” without anyone worrying about them. (What we call a highway is just a regular road but without stop signs.)
5. Kids come and go from school and play without parental supervision or bodyguards.
6. I discussed a symptom I was having with the pharmacist I’d only met once. A few days later she called to see how I was. She told me all the pharmacy staff had been worried about me!
7. A sweet very elderly woman came up to me in the mall and put her hand on my arm. She talked to me about how her sister had been heavy (I’m a big woman) and had gotten sick. She hoped I’d find a way to lose my weight before I got sick too. At first I was embarrassed and a little offended and then it hit me that this old woman cared about me, a virtual stranger, enough to try to help me.
8.Look who comes to visit in our yard from time to time.

A black bear comes to check us out on our first day in the new house.

A black bear comes to check us out on our first day in the new house.




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