Fixing Up The Dream House

Exterior back

We (me, a decorator and my husband, a burned out police dispatcher and part-time author) finally retired and bought our dream house in July of twenty thirteen. It came about when I realized that with what I could sell our house for in a suburban metropolitan area, we could buy a house twice its size for half the money if we moved to a rural small town further up the coast of British Columbia. We set our sights on a small, charming coastal town we’d only been to once decades before. But guided by my instinct we put our house on the market and went shopping for our dream home. We found a gem. The market there was in our favour, houses remain on the market for years sometimes. It’s the kind of place where people buy summer homes then retire there when the time comes. Despite this, we got into a bidding war and came away victorious with a 3 story, ocean and mountain view house built in 2000. In many ways it is idyllic.

But no decorator can move into a house and not change things.

The posts which follow will take you through our experiences living a small town life, adjusting to retirement and fixing up our dream home.



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