Oh, Deer!

We had some visitors in our yard.

Deer grazing in our yard

Deer grazing in our yard

They’re quite tame. You can walk up to a few feet from them and they just blink at you. Because they have a serious kick, we keep our distance. They’re everywhere. We frequently see a doe a her fawn along the road. I think they keep most people from driving too fast. “Caution! Baby deer” would be an effective street sign.

Crossing our street.

Crossing our street.

We learned that having food of any kind growing in your yard will attract wildlife like deer and bears, so we took down the small crabapple tree. It was around harvest time so we raked up all the apples and tossed them over the fence. The big pile of apples were gone in the morning. Not a single core left. The deer come and stand around the yard and look up at us as if to say, “Well? Where’s the fruit?” I don’t mind the deer at all, especially since they leave my roses alone. But I didn’t want to attract bears. There is a wild blackberry vine in the wooded lot next door which I enjoyed grazing at in the summer sun. There’s nothing as wonderful as fresh-picked, sweet berries warmed from the sun. But the bears think so too. So we keep our blackberry vines in check, but I’m so fond of them, I can’t bring myself to get rid of them altogether. Because of the no-food in the yard, we have abandoned our practice of composting kitchen scraps, now it’s just leaves and grass and our veggie and herb garden is moving up to the balconies.

Our little Beagle/Corgi dog, Izzy is wild about the deer. She loves to tear off after them, often dragging my husband behind her yelling, “Heel, Izzy! Heel!” to no avail. There’s little worry of her getting close enough to the fleet creatures to get hurt. I think the deer find it an amusing game to keep one leap ahead of Izzy. She barks up a storm when deer are in the yard, lapsing into her beagle’s bugle which makes us laugh. Her favourite chew toy is a deer antler (don’t worry, the deer drop them naturally, they aren’t hurt to get antlers.) She chews on the chunk of antler and dreams of big game for a little dog.

Isadora,  "Izzy" chewing some rawhide.

Isadora, “Izzy” chewing some rawhide.




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