Turning a Negative into an Eating Bar


The sweet bump out dining nook was too small for our dining table. We tried everything in that space, a couple of chairs for reading, a crafts area, a sewing area, nothing worked. It soon became a dumping ground for “stuff”. You know what that’s like. I hated to see the space go unused, it was full of light and had a great view of the ocean. I opted to use it as a shared space with a baking area along one wall and an eating bar along the other. It is also useful for dining guest overflow or for a place to put platters of food for parties.

We got adjustable IKEA counter table legs upon which we put an 18″ wide slab of butcher block countertop. There was a little indentation where the 6′ high window is and we turned that into a foot rest. Since it sits right over the heat register, it’s a cozy place to rest your feet in the wintertime. And the view! Who wouldn’t want to sit here with a cup of tea?

The eating bar

The eating bar





Next time: Making An Entrance!



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