If you have dogs or toddlers, you need a Dutch door

When the doorbell rings our dogs are so excited there’s no controlling them. They want to say hello to whoever is on the other side of the doorbell. NOW!!! A Dutch door is a perfect solution. The top lets in light and air flow but the bottom keeps in what you want in and let’s out what you want out. It’s perfect for bringing in parcels without bounding dogs.

I found a wonderful old 3″ thick solid cedar door which we cut in half and added a curved 2×6 shelf on top of the bottom door, trimming the top door enough to clear the shelf. Then oil prime and paint. You have to add an additional hinge to accommodate the top door.

Dutch doors were invented to keep the chickens out of the house. It works. Nary a chicken.


It works wonderfully well!

It works wonderfully well!


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