2015 Christmas Decor

Another year, another look for our Christmas décor. This year I opted for a more rustic, country look so we got a real tree, a Fraser fir. They’re not quite as fragrant as a noble fir, which I intend to use around the house in wreathes and garlands, but the Fraser has lots of resin so it lasts and lasts and doesn’t drop as many needles as a pine. The needles are soft and rubbery. It’s made for ornaments!

1-Christmas tree 2015 004

I had my husband build me a rustic shipping crate out of pallets. I sanded it, rounding off the edges for a worn look. Then I stained, distressed and sealed it. I printed labels from Christmas themed orchard fruit crates and used Mod Podge to stick them on. (Note: the top isn’t finished). Perhaps I’ll add layers of Christmas cards over the years. When the season is over, it’s a nice, sturdy storage box for oranaments.

Christmas tree 2015 006

Happy Festivus!


Christmas tree 2015 005

This is a label from the Westward Ho Fruit Company. It made me smile.


1-Christmas tree 2015 003

A holiday IKEA hack: I emptied out an IKEA glass cabinet and filled each section with different coloured lights. It’s so pretty! Making the season bright.

1-Christmas tree 2015 009

This is the clothing section with a little knitted sweater, hat and even an Ugg boot.


1-Christmas tree 2015 021

I like a nice fat wreath.

1-wreath 001

This is a two-sided wreath that’s real from windfall greenery in the forest nearby.

1-Christmas decor 2015 004

I made up several of these for around the house. I used plain shiny buckets and filled them rocks for stability then seasonal greens and water. The smell of just a few sprigs of pine, cedar and fir is wonderful.

Christmas decor 2015 006

This began as a simple collection of figurines but evolved as people passed by and edited it into a most irreverent nativity. You’ll notice the three wise men (Santa, Nutcracker solider and a Day of the Dead figure), the manger animals (wearing the traditional Santa’s hat. Note: flamingo) Mary, a trifle thin but dressed for the season. Jesus looks a little colicky. And up in the tree is Taz, the tarnished angel, looking down on the whole thing. 😉 

1-2015-12-01 17.49.44

Laurel decking the halls


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