Halloween on Bourbon Street

We went to New Orleans for Halloween this year. We opted to party near the Gay Bars which are on the East end of Bourbon Street near pirate Jean LaFitte’s Blacksmith shop which was a front for his smuggling operation, which still stands albeit somewhat askew.

Halloween NOLA 09 025-1

There were a lot of pirates in the Quarter. It was near LaFitte’s Blacksmith shop.

The boys came out in droves and in revealing costumes, some were eye-candy, some not-so-much but the atmosphere was jubilant and screamingly funny.  People were cheek to cheek in both senses and everyone had a great time.

So-o-o-0 much fun!




Halloween NOLA 09 072-1

Extra Large Sausage Pizza anyone? They wore thongs so from the rear they were a Pizza Ass.

These boys were my favourties, they arrived spread across a cop car as the cop good naturedly yelled at them to get off his car.


Halloween NOLA 09 079-1







Halloween NOLA 09 070-1







Halloween NOLA 09 067-1


Halloween NOLA 09 061-1

yabba dabba doo!

Halloween NOLA 09 047-1

trench coat flasher

Halloween NOLA 09 045-1







Halloween NOLA 09 060-1







Halloween NOLA 09 059-1







Halloween NOLA 09 057-1







Halloween NOLA 09 056-1

Halloween NOLA 09 054-1

Dark angel

Halloween NOLA 09 052-1

Yeti. The Abominable Gayman.

Halloween NOLA 09 050-1

Halloween NOLA 09 044-1

Double your pleasure. Double your fun.

Halloween NOLA 09 043-1

Halloween NOLA 09 037-1

These vampires drove by stone-faced as if bored by it all. Or maybe they were real vampires out for the only night they can walk among us. Whaa-haa-haa.

Halloween NOLA 09 036-1

This is how I want my old age to look. Look for me on Bourbon Street!

Halloween NOLA 09 031-1







Halloween NOLA 09 030-1

And some people say there are no available men!


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